Professional - Inspector General of Police, Chandigarh

The force deputed on guard was recalled for policing duties. 
Kiran seen here with some female police personnel.

More women cops to do field duties
(Indian Express, 13 April 1999)

    Kiran Bedi, the I.G. Police said more policewomen, who were currently performing desk jobs, would be diverted to the field. ’They were recruited for the field work. It is unfortunate that they were deployed elsewhere,’ said Bedi. Housing being one of the main problems being faced by policewomen, Bedi said the department would try and work out a solution. She said the department would consider having separate seniority levels for the women police.     It was an unusual scene at the traffic lines with other senior officials also present on the occasion. Initially the women were hesitant to air their grievances, but soon they opened up, and also listened with rapt attention to the IGP. The IGP appealed to them to serve with honesty. ’Dishonesty is as yet not associated with women police with our country. Let it not happen,’ said Bedi. The police personnel will also have their rest days every week or at least once every ten days, said the IGP.
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