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Onus to prevent crime is on schools, says kiran
( Chandigarh, 27 April 1999)

    To help curb crime and other social evils such as beggary, UT Inspector General of Police, Kiran Bedi exhorted school principals to start a campaign to make slum children literate. The I.G.P. gave the call in the course of a meeting with principals of government and private schools here today.
    She said city police will soon start road safety programmes for school students and suggested several ways by which police and schools could join hands against crime and traffic hazards.  She also suggested measures to resolve problems facing the schools.

    ’The schools could identify delinquents, drug addicts and other students who are into any kind of crime,’ she said. ’Do not forget the drop-out children. Go into the reasons why they are deviating from studies,’ she said. She said the school themselves could play a major role in reducing chaos on the roads near them. ’Let students stand on city roads holding traffic signs in front of their respective schools. Not only shall we be involving these children, but also children attract more obedience,’ she added. She suggested that student traffic managers be given a bright orange vest to identify them.
    She said the police, of course, will be associated with the programme but the role of police should come last, not first, ’policing begins from family, goes to school and comes with the police support.” She added.

    About minor drivers, she said the police did not intend hauling up children.  ’The teachers and principal should stop them from driving in as it could have horrible consequences. They should speak to the parents and if they too do not do anything then we would like to intervene,’ she said. When it was pointed out that some students were parking their vehicles away from the school, Bedi said the police will keep a watch over them.
    Cops on beat duty who find youngsters loitering on the streets during school hours will be directed to escort the bunkers back to school.
    Bedi said SHOs and DSPs will regularly interact with school principals in their area to identify and solve their problems. Nearly 200 principals from various schools across the city turned up for the meeting.
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