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(Evening News, 16 February 1987)
By Anil Mathur

    New Delhi, Feb 16: The Delhi Police has carved out a new role for itself. For far too long the police has had the reputation of coming in only to beat up or arrest people. Now a beginning has been made to change this image, for the better.
    The Delhi police has embarked upon a novel, modest scheme to set up reform and welfare schools, to help train and educate weaker sections. The scheme is aimed at helping them gain self-employment through sewing and knitting programmes.
    The Indian Sewing Machine Company (Singer group) has come forward to provide free machines and instructresses for this novel programme. On completion of the three month training the women will be given a certificate and the Delhi police would help them get loans to enable them to buy the sewing machines. It will also help them market the products.

    DCP (North) Kiran Bedi, who has been closely involved with it, says that the response from the women has been encouraging.
   The sewing company has given about 40 machines for the programme. The first school was started at Andha Mugal police post and the second one at Nathu Pura in the north district .
    About 45 women in three shifts are undergoing training at the Andha Mugal project . They belong to the Sansi community.
    According to Mrs. Bedi the efforts so far are a "drop in the ocean." More such centers are planned.
    Sewing and knitting classes are also being arranged as a welfare activity for the staff families, to supplement family income

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