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During the foundation's outreach programs, problems pertaining to domestic violence and alcoholism was regularly being reported from the rural neighborhood of Delhi. Alongside these were the problems related to poverty and illiteracy. Coupled with this was the attitude towards the girl child who was not encouraged to receive education and got married at an early age. To combat this menace, the foundation started a Rural Development Project in the neighboring district of Delhi. The project functions in one of the remotest areas in the district. The village now has a Centre providing Family Counseling Services, Medical Care, Legal Assistance, Vocational Training for women in the trades of stitching & tailoring, embroidery, typing, painting etc. The centre also has a Library and a crèche for the young children. All the services are being provided free of cost.
Over the years, incidents of domestic violence, alcoholism and drug addiction have gone down considerably and the centre is flocked with the women and their children especially girls curious to pursue their education and careers further.
The counselors of the project travel to the nearby villages at regular intervals. They attend to the problems of the community in the areas of their visit. However, these visits provide vital information through action-oriented research and the data thus compiled provides ground for expansion of the project as also addition of other qualitative services. Such visits drew the foundation’s attention towards the field of Disability — Physical and otherwise.
The foundation conducts Disability Assessment Camps and after identifying the needy cases in the villages nearby provides linkages with the governmental and non governmental agencies in order to provide them a composite package of rehabilitation. Follow up camps are organized to provide the disabled with aids and equipment for their benefit.

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