Professional - Special Secretary to Lt Governor, Delhi

Public Redressal Unit


1. To enable the Lieutenant Governor's (LG) office provide intervention where agencies are either inadequate or failing to respond.

2. To send out a message to outside agencies that LG's office is sensitive to public grievances.

3. To set up a system of approach to citizens grievances.

4. To enable the citizens have information on matters they had sought redressal for.

5. To encourage citizen's participation through the Citizen Warden Scheme for closer co-ordination with civic bodies.

6. To provide a system of regular 'social-audit', to help improve work culture by voluntary compliance and inner motivation rather than fear of penalties.

7. To intervene for Inter Agency co-ordination where merited to resolve issues.


1. A 24 hour Telephone Control Room to receive - transmit - monitor - cross check complaints redressal.

2. Receive and sift mail, computerize for appropriate inquiries and reports. The complainant got a copy of the department wise endorsement.

3. Two hours of daily public hearing for people to be allowed inter face with LG's office, for appropriate redressal.

4. Identified cases from the daily public hearing which required LG's personal hearing.

5. Followed an announced monthly schedule of review with nodal officers of Municipal Corporation of Delhi, Delhi Vidyut Board, Delhi Police, Delhi Development Authority, Sub Divisional Magistrates and others (41 departments in all).

6. Directed 'selective' field checks in co-ordination with concerned local agency on issues of urgent nature where deviation persisted despite complaints made to appropriate authorities.

7. Intervention meetings were called in cases where matters were protracted due to lack of Inter-Agency co-ordination causing considerable distress.

8. Appointed Citizen Wardens and Citizen Traffic Wardens to enable citizens play a proactive role in getting their matters resolved.

9. Citizen Warden desk played the role of a co-ordinator and facilitator for matters attended by different agencies.

10. Opened an appreciation bank for official's responses to Citizens needs.

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