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Kiran distributing uniforms carrying registration numbers to porters

Better Deal for "jhalliwalas' (Mid-day, 10 January 1987)

   Around 2000 jhalliwalas (coolies) who carry goods, have been provided numbered uniforms to streamline their functioning in the busy markets of North Delhi.
    The move is a result of a combined effort by the north district police, the local business associations and the jhalliwalas.
At a function on Thursday these Jhalliwalas were provided with green shirts displaying their token number. According to the Deputy Commissioner of Police, North, Mrs. Kiran Bedi the police were flooded with complaints regarding the theft of goods to be delivered by the jhalliwalas. Without proper identification, many times the carriers would steal the goods and in the bargain many innocent jhalliwalas were rounded up leading to financial losses.

Among the busy markets where the systemization of carriers have been implemented are Chandni Chowk, Bhagirath Place, Kotwali, Lahori Gate and cycle market. This move, says Mrs. Bedi is for the good of all. The business associations will have to vouch for the jhalliwalas before the police register their names and photograph prior to giving them permission to ply along with a numbered green shirt. This way, it'll be easy to identify and arrest offenders tempted to steal the goods they carry.
    Every six months the jhalliwalas will have to report to the police for issue of fresh shirts, with the old ones being condemned. The business associations, the local authorities and the police, will hold monthly meetings to monitor the situation.

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