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Kiran Bedi to involve people in policing
( 1 March 1999)

    NEW DELHI:The Chandigarh Police may seek the help of non-governmental organizations, especially women's groups, for effective tackling of the law and order problem in the Union territory.
This was disclosed by Kiran Bedi, who will take over as the Inspector General of Chandigarh Police from the third week of March.
    Ms Bedi, who brought about major reforms in Asia's biggest Tihar jail during her tenure as its I.G., wants to start a new experiment in policing with the participation of people, especially women.
    Ms Bedi, who is now the joint commissioner of the Police Training College here, said, ’I will create special protection units for Chandigarh. I will appoint a lot of special police officers especially women in each police station.’
Unveiling her ambitious plan for Policing in the Union Territory, Ms Bedi, who studied in Chandigarh, said, ’I am planning to introduce a new set of volunteers called neighborhood police officers (NP0s).’

    Mrs Bedi, who has been associated with many social activities like drug de-addiction camps in the Capital, said, ’Chandigarh Police officers will hold regular meetings with women groups and other non-governmental organizations to bring the crime graph down.’
    ’Within three months, I will try to create a new atmosphere in the corridors of the Chandigarh Police stations,’  Ms Bedi, who was invited by US President Bill Clinton last year for a prayer-cum-breakfast, meeting in Washington, said ’I will take up the new assignment after March 15. Till then I will be busy with some work here,’ she added.
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