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Kiran set to overhaul cops’ training system

( 27 June 1999)

    New Delhi, June 27. The people of Delhi would see a different lot of cops in the next couple of years if the new Joint Commissioner of Police (Training), Ms Kiran Bedi, is to be believed. And those who have seen the first woman IPS officer of the country in her different assignments might not doubt the ability of Ms Bedi to translate her thoughts into action.
    Ms Bedi, who recently took over as the head of the Police Training School, now made into a college, has ambitious plans in her kitty to completely overhaul the training system of the policemen who will be serving in the intermediate categories. Her immediate plan is to share her experience as a police officer with the 200-odd cops undergoing training at present and make them humane and sensitive to the people at large.
    Talking to The Hindustan Times today Ms Bedi emphasized the training aspect of the police personnel in order to lay a strong foundation for a life-long career in the police and to give it a different and a pro-people touch. ’We never evolved the technique of proper training for the policemen all these years and what we offered was some on-the-job training,’ she said, adding ’the new training schedule to be introduced in their college, which imparts training to the
Sub-Inspectors, will be on par with that of the IPS probationers at the National Police Academy (NPA), Hyderabad.’ She emphasized training schedules after a specified period for all cops so that they can handle the exigencies of the job in a proper way.
    The course material which she has planned for the new batch coming up later this year has been largely the one which is prescribed for the IPS probationers. Moreover, she has tied up with the NPA for providing the publications and other material needed for training. In addition, some of the other police training colleges and academics have also been roped in by her for providing assistance to the cops undergoing training.
    Ms Bedi lamented that even smaller States with a small police force had their own academies to train the police personnel while Delhi had to do with a school. ’It is only now that we have got the status of a college, but our plan is to make it to the level of academy, no less than the NPA,’ she said. 
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