My LAST OPEN Letter to People of Puducherry.

My LAST OPEN Letter to People of Puducherry. My dear brothers and sisters of Puducherry My book ‘Fearless Governance’ has reached your shores. Remember I wrote you many open letters during my service from May 29 2016, to Feb 16, 2021. This is the last one. I want to tell you WHY I have written this book Fearless Governance. It is because so many right things happened, and thousands of several conscientious men, women and youth were associated with the changes we were making to make for a Prosperous Puducherry. They needed to be remembered. I did not want precious memories to die with me. I have written this for the youth and children of Puducherry, who too were integral so that they grow up to read this history. Thousands visited RajNivas as children and visitors or invitees and shared the joy of togetherness. This will give them the sense of ownership of their most beautiful part of India and to remain vigilant and responsible for its prosperity. I also wrote this to recall all the collaborative measures we took, continuing through them, such as water-rich Puducherry, Mission Green Puducherry, Swatchh Puducherry and more. I know you all know much more about the Region than I knew. I have written in this book ONLY what I could substantiate and prove. Not heard—- Only WHAT I SAW AND WHAT WE DID WITH IT. I have not written anything in this which I cannot stand by evidence of any form. This book is a work of love, respect, and fondness for the people of Puducherry. ***Tamil version of the book shall follow soon. I wish you all a Prosperous Puducherry Always. Hope to see you soon when the Tamil version comes.

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