Kiran Bedi’s book ‘Fearless Governance’ launched in Hindi

Jun 10, 2022, 11:04AM IST | Source: ANI

The Hindi edition of ëFearless Governanceí, a book by former Puducherry Lt Governor Kiran Bedi, was released here on June 09. The book ëNirbhik Prashasaní was released by Smita Prakash, Editor, ANI. The release of the Hindi edition coincided with Kiran Bediís birthday. Kiran Bedi, the first woman to join the Indian Police Service (IPS), said the Government servants should begin their work from the field and not from the office to transform Delhi. ‘This book has a crux. Tell every Government servant to not begin work from the office but from the field. If an Education Secretary starts from a school and goes there unannounced, bathrooms will get cleaned, teachers will be present and mid-day meal will get better,’ he said. ‘There’s no culture of inspection. If all government servants, from top to bottom. Delhi LG has begun this practice. I have been reading for 4-5 days that he’s on the field and has told officers to begin work from the field and then go to the office. If this happens, Delhi will transform,’ he added.










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