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Tabloid – A cop with conviction

I grew up reading and hearing about Dr. Kiran Bedi. And I just discovered that not only does she get media attention, she has 536 web pages devoted to her in yahoo! alone. Including her own interactive website (www.kiranbedi.com) launched by the Dalai Lama last April.

In the limelight

Whatever she does, however she does it, she gets .written and talked about. Does this limelight help or hinder her, I ask.” That’s an interesting question,” she answers promptly.” And something you, the media, should answer. Why do you write about me?” 

“Because you make good copy,” I tell her, sitting at a hotel room in Dubai on Saturday. “ but all I do is work.  I work because I want to, not to make copy. It is my duty to address issues and solve them. I’m constantly on the move, trying to see how I can work better, serve the people better. You write about me because what I do is different, it is new. That is why it is news, “ she points out with devastating honesty.

No prejudices

I go back to the beginning of a trail blazing career. And ask how difficult/ challenging it was to be the first women IPS officer. “There were no difficulties, there are none when you’re prepared. And I had put in a lot of preparation before joining the service. I had my sports background- I had just won the Asian tennis championship for women – my academic background, me mental tenacity and sensitivity. I had a strong mission to serve the government. I didn’t enter the services blindfolded. So there were no surprises for me.


‘I am at peace with myself. Each day of my life has a sense of fulfillment. I value opportunities and a lot of hard work and personal taxation goes into translating opportunities into action. Every assignment has been fulfilling because all benefit the common man. My vision remains intact’

- Dr. Kiran Bedi.

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