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Dear Kiran Ma’am,

Greetings of the day !

Yesterday ( In the evening) I got an opportunity to read the very first Part of the Book – Fearless Governance by Dr. Kiran Bedi and needless to say but I got so mesmerized while reading that I completely forgot what was happening around me. I could connect & feel the warmth of the Divine ambience of Raj Nivas, woke up early today to feel that energy, joy & peace all by myself. Amazing experience honestly. I have to put a full stop here or else I will continue talking about it.

Kindly let me know if i can share the soft copy of the Book among the University people and my network..

Thanks & Regards
Shikha Sharma
Asst. Director Placements

Dharmesh Chovatiya
Food for the soul and brain, Most awaited… Finally Received… Fearless Governance by fearless governer, Bharatiy Ratna Dr.Kiran Bedi Madam… #kiranbedi

Dr. Kiran Bedi, I am reading your book right now only in our home temple. Currently on your visit to Yanam and am learning so much from every page. Thank you🙏🏻

Happy to note madam. I enjoyed reading your book

Karun Rajputkar

This book Fearless Governance is about ‘We’ not ‘Me’, this beautiful collective efforts on record gives wider perspective of political administration and it’s max selfless Sacrifice of oneself before entering the war like service.



Fearless Governance is the perfect guide to develop courage within one’s self and gain confidence to break the status-quo within any field of work. Through this gripping story of a valorous leader, one is able to achieve self-belief in what they wish to accomplish for the greater good of humanity. This is a must read for the youth who are stepping into any service/professional sector and need to equip themselves with the skills needed to be competent, brave, & creative. 

Review from an author Amira Arora 

Happy to share the precious book with a prominent and eminent Advocate of Madras Highcourt Shri S Mukunth.
Mr Chandrashekhar. A leading lawyer in Madras High Court.

I am Om Gajanan Karhe. I on this Friday got a golden opportunity of attending Grooming Leadership Session 81 with you ma’am. 

I have completed reading your memoir FEARLESS GOVERNANCE. As I started reading it, I got so much captivated with the concise, eloquent, captivating and engaging form of your writing. Each chapter of the book tells a story of struggle and determination.  

You gave your best and served Puducherry with your heart and soul. How you started to work as soon as you got appointed as Lieutenant Governor and didn’t focused much on enjoying the leisure of the post is praiseworthy. You opened the gates of Raj Nivas for people’s, you heard their struggles and made them beleive that this government is BY THE PEOPLE AND FOR THE PEOPLE.  

Your TEA Mantra tested more healthy than green tea. You used social media platforms to connect to people, you made photography of nature your poetry, you cycled for clean Puducherry, you did yoga and urged others to live a healthy life, you banned VIP sirens, you LIVED FOR THE PEOPLE.  

Sintheri Irrigation Channel needed to rejuvenated there was no funds, you went to INOX and urged the CEO to help. You saw the problem and found the solution.  

You made Puducherry water rich, green, and clean. You made it Open Defecation Free.  

It really hurts to read how you wanted positive change and the courage to do it but had to fight in every step with the local government bodies. But you did what had to be done and made Puducherry the best Union Territory. 

During an interview you were asked was their anything more you could have done in Puducherry, you said, “no I gave it my best”.

Thanks for all that you have done for this country and are still doing.

Thanks a lot Kiran for sharing the book. It is indeed amazing to trace your career path, full of adventure and fearlessness. I feel proud that I belong to the batch of our first Lady. Polis, police and politics… all are etymologically related, sharing a similarly situated meaning, principles and course of action. You have given a new dimension to the Gubernatorial duties by addressing the requirements of the people in your own inimitable style. I hope that the practising politicians will use it as a primar to achieve their roles as the executor of welfare of people. Your story is explicit in content and context. Your selfless pursuing of the agenda to serve people required courage and devotion. You have been a beacon of hope to our womenfolk. Now you have made a groundbreaking pathway for all to perform and excel in public developmental work. Posterity will be judging your model of working no doubt. There will be people to criticize your style of action. But none will be able to attribute anything other than best of your intention to serve the cause of the people. I am sure that the trajectory of your life has more to reveal in future in terms of more activities bringing further Glory . Keep doing, Boss! 

Hearty congratulations  Kiran on writing this book about your amazing career and the valuable experiences gained as a result. The book is also timely because the civil services have to deliver on new tasks  of nation building. 

It would be proper if several copies of the book are available in the libraries of LBSAA Mussorie and NPA Hyderabad. 👏👏👍 


I’m sure if we flip the coin, for people on the other side it must have been Fearful Governance… 😂😜 

Wonderful. She has taken time to read the book and understand it. She presents the gist of the issues very well.  


True she turned out to be the fastest reader. 

While she highlighted the fact that you faced blocks from politicians, I did not hear her differentiate between the Central and the local government, who created the roadblocks. 

Similarly, the IIM Director’s muted but obvious and direct criticism of the entire Indian scenario was uncalled for. 

Let us all hope that readers will get motivated to follow the path you have shown. 

To much to expect for a full grasp 

Yes, but at this level perceptions are important. The book has a powerful, non-political message. For the good of our country and society, I hope those in governance learn from it. 

Feed back from an Editior 


My mom saw the book and said..bahut pyaar se likhi gayi kitaab hai 

Good morning,  Madam. I am glad the book is being received so well. But, I am not surprised at it given the integrity, commitment and passion you exude in all things you do. 

From someone in Puducherry who read the book on Kindle last night  


The book Fearless Governance is an extraordinary documentation for the posterity. Read the whole book much easily, for I knew most of issues in first hand. I must say, hardwork and passion for governance exudes in every page of the book. Once again Thanks for the book and good governance you gave for Puducherry🙏🏼. 

All my best n look forward to ur book…. 


Hearty congratulations  Kiran on writing this book about your amazing career and the valuable experiences gained as a result. The book is also timely because the civil services have to deliver on new tasks  of nation building. 

I was walking with a friend the other day, near a blocked drain. His comment was that we need you back in Pondicherry! 🙂 

The point of the book, and the effect of your tenure, is to give people an understanding, and an experience of, good governance. This alone brings change, in the greater scheme of thongs. 


Dear Ma’am, You are a living inspiration for generations to come of your courage, righteousness, perseverance, and determination for serving our motherland. 

I read your book Fearless Governance It details the adversities and challenge that you encountered which costed you your entire term. But God Bless you abundantly for you set the rules of the game which even the highest court of justice has upheld. 

More power to you… such noble souls are a rarity and I feel blessed to be connected to you and your work. 


Dear Dr Bedi, I am the founder of Amwizer -Knowledge by Experience, which is an association that aims to inspire and motivate young adults. I am also the Chief Legal Officer of Mahindra Lifespace Developers Ltd. 

You had graciously agreed to take a session for the children with special needs of SRCC, Mumbai in 2020, which I had hosted. 

I have read your book, “Fearless Governance” and am of the view that there is a lot to learn from you which can benefit the corporate world. Governance within the corporate sector is also the need of the hour. Additionally, as a lawyer, it would be great to understand your perspective on upholding the rule of law. 

I, on behalf of Amwizer and Mr Srinath Sridevan (partner of the law firm, HSB Partners in Chennai) would like to invite you for an online session on your book and the learnings for the corporate sector and lawyers. 

I would be deeply honoured if you could accept our request for the session. 

We can coordinate with your office on your convenient time and date in this regard. 

Warm Regards 

Parveen Mahtani 

Hon’ble Madam Good morning and congratulations for authoring such a marvelous reading. As such people, particularly women,  consider you as a model. This book will impact everyone who will read it. Title itself is very attractive. I just saw it and glanced through it. Will read it  fully soon. If you permit, I will also get the book reviewed and publish the review in one of the Issues of University News. As you know, University News reaches out to a large number of universities in India and other countries.  Regards Dr Rama Pani, Editor University News, Association of Indian Universities 

They know you Madam. But everyone expected sensational stories when that is not there in the book. They don’t want to comment and invite harsh truth. So everyone is silent 

Pinning on someone politician / officer Madam. 

Hon”ble Madam, 

The reach is very slow but reaching through various means including 

TV, Digital media’s , sharing by interested persons like me and others. 

Everyone feel the absence of Madam, field visits, easy access to every citizen. 

The hard efforts are being appreciated beyond everything 

Submitted please madam 

Madam, the video was not till the end. BTW, I have started reading it myself. Finished 50 pages. I think it is an administrative thriller. You can feel the protagonist is asking for trouble, she is putting herself in a dangerous space, in the harm s way but for a good cause, doing the right thing. What will happen to her? Will she have her way, will she survive?  Ms Nooyi is spot on. It’s done very well with short chapters, fast paced and very smooth.  

Will give you a full book review once I am done. 



Editor, Tribune response:-  Hi. Yes this is interesting  and I can feature the book synopsis in my education edition. As for the main paper as this is a major book with Kiran’s name I am sure it will go for review from ‘higher’ authorities.  You can send me the book details, pic of the book and a short synopsis along with her quote for our online pages. As for the interaction it will be about how there is a need for good governance lessons for youngsters and how they can become good citizens ( in reference to her book). 


 I have already it fully as soon as it was released . It portrays the true picture without any exaggeration.  Excellent presentation.  It was a golden period of administration when honest civil servants were fearless because mam was there to protect honest people and punish guilty. In fact, we enjoyed working under mam. Will always remember with gratitude that golden period. 🙏

From the Budget officer of Pondy Govt. Me Ravi Kumar






Good evening, madam. I have read your book.It makes me understand what an administration should be, what a leader should be, and how we should work as a team. It’s really an inspiring edition for today’s younger generation. Thanks and Jai Hind.

“Ethics, decency and morality are the real soldiers.”🫡

                         – Kiran Bedi


Standing ovation from Team ContentWREP for The Lady Of Steel, Ms. Kiran Bedi ! 👏


Hearty congratulations for the well-deserving success of publishing your book, “”Fearless Governance””.🎉


Stay tuned with us!😇


Warm wishes,

Team ContentWREP❤️