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Drug Trafficking  

Drug Trafficking in Border Town
(The Highlander, Aizawl 21 July 1990)

    Aizawl, July 21. The recent meeting of the Police Public Coordination Committee on Narcotics at the border town of Champhai came up with some decisions for combating drug trafficking. The meeting was held under the chairmanship of the SDO (Civil) Mr Lathuna Chenkual.
    The major decisions taken included that no person would possess Phensedyl without medical certificate or license, vehicles coming from Aizawl to Champhai would be thoroughly checked to ascertain they are not carrying Acetic an-hydride.  Burmese nationals will not be allowed to cross Champhai area freely. It was also agreed that vehicles will be checked jointly by Police, VDP and YMA. The teachers in Champhai have been asked to check their students whether they carry Phensedyl to school. The hotel owners have also been directed to maintain proper register for their guests.
    The police-public co-ordination committee is only two and half months old.   But the results produced have been encouraging, it is learnt.
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