‘Drones, camera-mounted heavy vehicles…’ suggests Kiran Bedi after cop killed by mining mafia

Bedi further suggested local panchayats and civil administration ‘ought to be made accountable’ for such criminal activities.

Former Puducherry lieutenant governor Kiran Bedi said that security forces must use technology most appropriately to safeguard bright young officers.

Kiran Bedi, a Bharatiya Janata Party leader and former top police officer, on Tuesday shared suggestions to enhance security of police officers – use of high-tech devices, drones and heavy vehicles with cameras – in reaction to the killing of a senior Haryana police officer.

In an audio post shared on Twitter (which tagged both prime minister Narendra Modi’s office and home minister Amit Shah) she said security forces ‘must use technology most appropriately’, to safeguard bright young officers.

The suggestions made by the former Puducherry governor fell in to three broad categories – the use of technology to patrol, the accountability of civil administration, and maintaining pressure on known criminals involved in organised crime.

“Patrolling in organised crime areas ought to use more technologies like cameras and drones with internet connection, and camera-mounted heavy vehicles… like trucks, etc… in which police officers can sit. These vehicles can then patrol – they can detect and prevent.”

Bedi further suggested local panchayats and civil administration ‘ought to be made accountable’ for such criminal activities.

“They need to report to the police control rooms, they can hide their identity as well if they want to… but they should be held accountable. The area panchayats are what for.”

Bedi’s third suggestion was to use data available with the police to identify people involved in organised crimes and maintain pressure on them. “Today we have a very good computer system which provides information on names of (criminals)… who is on bail and is active (and) if they are on bail their bails get cancelle… security forfeited.”

In her closing statement, Bedi said police officers should not make themselves vulnerable and run risk of death when the technology is available. “Every officer is valuable…”

Surender Singh, a deputy superintendent of Haryana police, was investigating illegal stone-mining operations in Nuh district’s Pachgaon area late Monday night when he was killed.

Police have said a speeding truck – that Singh was trying to flag down to check, based on a tip received earlier – ran him down. He was rushed to a hospital where doctors said he was dead.

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