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Charter for Citizen Warden

The Citizen Warden scheme was introduced to provide an effective participatory role for citizens in improving the quality of life in the National Capital Territory (NCT) of Delhi. 

Citizen Warden's were expected to act as the eyes and ears of the Government and to promptly bring to the notice of the Lieutenant Governor / Chief Minister / Elected Representatives /  concerned Departments / Agencies, any deficiencies in the working of the public administration system in the NCT of Delhi including illegal and antisocial activities, encroachment on public land and parks, serious violations of building bye-laws, non performance of duties by public officials working in the neighborhood, serious deficiencies in the supply of civic services including sanitation, water supply, sewerage, roads and electricity, etc.. 

A Citizen Warden could approach the elected representatives as also the appropriate local authorities to seek their assistance in getting the problems referred to in the above para resolved. Cases of non resolution of the problem may be brought to the notice of the concerned higher authorities. 

A Citizen Warden tried to induce better civic consciousness among citizens and mobilize their co-operation and support for ‘self help’, to resolve local problems, to the extent possible. 

The Citizen Warden conducted himself/herself in an enlightened, just, fair and equitable manner so as to strengthen the overall efforts to bring about a cleaner and more efficient and effective administration in the National Capital Territory of Delhi which promoted the public and national interest. He/she could not use his/her assignment as Citizen Wardens for personal gain.

Citizen Wardens were duly appointed by the Honorable Lieutenant Governor. 

Charter for Citizen Traffic Warden

A revamped Scheme of Citizen and Traffic Wardens (C&TW) was launched by the Lieutenant Governor on 10.12.1997. The salient features of this scheme were —

The Citizens and Traffic Wardens were carefully selected citizens who had the required capability, leadership qualities and zeal to participate effectively in Traffic Management in Delhi.

The formal appointment of the Wardens was made by the Lieutenant Governor's office. Each warden received an appointment letter and an identity card.

The selected wardens underwent a special training in Road Safety Education organized by Institute of Road Traffic Education (IRTE).

A colorful Traffic Warden jacket was designed for them for purposes of identification and higher visibility. Their personal vehicles were affixed with fluorescent colorful stripes for increasing deterrence.

The Wardens worked in close liaison with the regular area Traffic Police officers, to help improve road discipline.

While the wardens were on move, they had Notice Books issued by the Delhi Traffic Police, to record traffic violations observed by them, as also high level of visible pollution arising from automotive vehicles.

The Notice Branch of Delhi Traffic Police, on receipt of these notices issued legal prosecution challans to violators.

Other matters pertaining to Traffic were reported by the Wardens to the Delhi Traffic Police for action.

Once a fortnight, all the wardens provided a feedback to the Lieutenant Governor's office regarding the initiatives taken.

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