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180 Withdrawn from Security Duty
(The Tribune, 15 April 1999)

    After reviewing the security set-up, the Chandigarh police today withdrew around 180 of their personnel, who were deployed on personal security duty with politicians, public men and senior police functionaries. 
    The withdrawn personnel, including seven ASI and SI-level cops, will now be free for regular duty. A further reduction of security duty is in the offing, senior police functionaries said.
    Seventy-five of the police personnel, who were freed from security duty, were deployed on night patrolling on the outskirts of the city tonight. These cops have been posted in east division and south division where incidents of snatching have been reported on a regular basis during late night hours. 
    Orders to withdraw guards and personal security officers (PSOs) were issued today after a thorough review of the security requirements and threat perception of the individual. The threat perception was studied as some of the deployment had been made during the time of 
militancy, a senior official commented.
    The escort, vehicles and escort parties with the SP’s and SSP’s have also been withdrawn. They will now carry their own PSO in their cars. The Inspector General of Police, Dr Kiran Bedi, has also reduced her own security, the security of Mr Pawan Bansal and Mr Vinod Sharma, both former MPs has been slashed among other VIPs of the city. The same is true for the former mayor, Mr Gian Chand Gupta. 
    Total of 20 guard pickets were abolished today. The guard duties had also led to staff shortage in Chandigarh police. The deployment was made when the force was augmented with 25 companies of paramilitary forces.
    Slowly the companies were reduced to 14 in number while replacements were made with Chandigarh police personnel.
    The idea is to strengthen the police stations and use this force on the outskirts. The men will also be used on duties to curb and manage agitation's.
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