Be trustworthy to consumers, don’t lie to them: Kiran Bedi

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Panaji, May 6: Kiran Bedi, former Lt. Governor of Puducherry, has given a mantra to the product makers to be trustworthy to the consumers, failing which over the period they will get exposed.

Kiran Bedi was speaking during the inaugural function of 15th edition of ‘Goa Fest 2022’, the annual advertising festival at Bambolim, Goa.

“I was asked to speak up for washing soap. I said no. First show me (soap), I will use it and will check what you say is right or wrong. I did it. Once I was satisfied I stood for it, otherwise I wouldn’t. The brands I did were with my due diligence, so the people who hear me, they can trust me,” Bedi said while asserting that the companies shouldn’t lie to consumers.

“The key point is don’t lie, as over the period it gets exposed. So never lie to the consumer. Respect the customer for whom you are investing. Be true to yourself and the product you promote,” she said.

“My ‘TEA’ mantra is to be Trustworthy, empower your seller, team and consumer, and be accountable,” Bedi added.

Sharing her experience as the Lt. Governor of Puducherry, Bedi said that she was connected with people by nine sources, be it whatsApp, email, meeting in the office and many others.

“If you are into the business of selling products then you need to speak to the consumers, how I interacted with my officers and people. In the government my product was a service, I opened all channels through which I get connected with people. I found time for every constituency. I was checking with my people what they want and what they don’t. This is what the manufacturing units should do,” she said.

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