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(20 December 1982)

   By now it is unnecessary to either praise the clockwork precision of the glittering ceremony at Jawaharlal Nehru stadium or deplore the denial of admission to genuine ticket holders which led to avoidable bitterness and bad blood.      Enough on Asian Games is being printed, broadcast, telecast or disseminated by word of mouth to need supplementing. Only a few sidelights may therefore be mentioned.
    First the much-maligned police, especially those manning south Delhi, have done an excellent job. It is no exaggeration that in some ways the main credit for creating order out of chaos at Nehru stadium must go to the South Delhi police officers who have spent many sleepless nights worrying about security at the Asian Village complex and at the massive stadium named after Panditji.
    No wonder top police officers expressed their gratitude by flashing a wireless message soon 

after the inaugural ceremony thanking all the officers and specially Mr Ajai Aggarwal the bewhiskered deputy commissioner of police, South district.
    Apparently stung by the reports of force used by the policemen to prevent the several hundred ticket holders from forming their way into the stadium while the opening ceremony was underway, Mr Aggarwal spent almost half an hour excitedly explaining to us why it was necessary to close the gates. But that we are afraid is neither here nor there.
    Meanwhile Mrs Kiran Bedi must be complimented for mobilizing the teenagers to help the traffic cops maintaining some kind of order in the Capital's chaotic traffic. For those boys and girls, clad in blue and white and sporting Asiad 82 Cuban caps, have managed to put the fear of God even among hardened road hogs whom they address as ‘Uncle’.

Joint Commissioner of Police (Traning), Delhi
Inspector General of Police, Chandigarh
Special Secretary to Lt.Governor, Delhi
Inspector General of Prisons, Tihar
Deputy Inspector General of Police, Mizoram
Deputy Commissioner, N.C.B
Deputy Commissioner of Police (Traffic)
Deputy Commisioner of Police
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