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Vipassana Meditation

    Vipassana Meditation means "insight" or "to see things as they are". It is a time honoured technique of self-transformation through self-observation rediscovered more than 25 centuries ago by Gautam Buddha. By direct experience meditators learn to objectively observe body and mind, resulting in profound insight and mental purification.
    Vipasana is unique in its lack of dogma; it is an non-sectarian technique successfully practiced by people of all religions and cultural backgrounds. The malady of human suffering is universal; therefore the remedy must be universal.
    Assistant teachers of S.N. Goenka teach Vipassana meditation in residential ten-day silent retreats at established meditation centers and non-center locations around the world.
    Those who practice this meditation, report enhanced self-control, improved relationships with others and an increase in harmony. Vipassana taught in prisons is proving to be an effective tool for prisoners wanting to make changes in their way of life.
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Joint Commissioner of Police (Traning), Delhi
Inspector General of Police, Chandigarh
Special Secretary to Lt.Governor, Delhi
Inspector General of Prisons, Tihar
Deputy Inspector General of Police, Mizoram
Deputy Commissioner, N.C.B
Deputy Commissioner of Police (Traffic)
Deputy Commisioner of Police
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