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Vipasana Meditation in Prisons

In 1975 a course for 120 inmates was conducted at the maximum security Central Jail in Jaipur, India. Subsequent courses were conducted for life-term convicts, seniors officers and jails officials.
In 1993, a program of ten-day courses was introduced to Tihar Jail, in New Delhi, one of the largest prisons in Asia, with an inmate population of over 10,000. At the conclusion of a course for over 1,000 inmates, permission was given for the establishment of a permanent meditation centre in one of the cell blocks. Now, two Vipasana courses per month are held within the prison itself.
As a result of the measurable  success of these courses, the Indian government recommended  that Vipasana courses be held in jails throughout India. To date, ten-day Vipassana courses are being conducted regularly at more than 15 prisons in India.
Taiwanese authorities gave permission for a ten-day course to be conducted with a drug rehabilitation prison in 1996. The course for 182 inmates was the first held outside of India.
In the United States the first Vipassana course to be conducted in a correctional facility was held in November 1997 at the minimum security North Rehabilitation Facility (NRF) of the King County Jail in Seattle, Washington. Since then, five courses have been held for both men and women with more planned. With the success of these courses Federal officials and State authorities in Texas, Vermont, Massachusetts and California are taking considerable interest in Vipassana for their facilities.
In Great Britain, in November 1998, eight inmates successfully completed a ten-day Vipassana course at the Lancaster Castle Prison in Lancaster, UK -- the first prison course in Europe.
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