Professional - Inspector General of Prisons

(Dhamma Tihar, January 1995)

Timothy Asemoti from Nigeria, Jail No. 1
‘I am very thankful to the jail administration for starting this unique course. After doing the meditation, I have experienced as I see it and it looks very much all right to me.’

Toye M. Anslem from Nigeria
Jail No.1
‘It was quite an aura. I took part along with other inmates in the 10 days course. Thus, the sensitivity flowing from the Guruji (Instructor) was marvelous. I would like to regret it was so short, i.e. merely ten days were given. In other works, the period should be increased to at least 15 to 20 days. Anyhow, the Vipassana Course is a great experience for me.’

Allinson N., Jail No. 1
‘It is really a marvelous experience and the way the course was conducted was really impressive.

Jowhar Baberi from Japan
Jail No. 1
‘Before starting the course, some kind of prior knowledge of Vipassana be given to the participants so that they can prepare for this in advance'

Ladoo Dubey S/o Sri Ram Ratan Dubey, Jail No. 4
‘Every participant should strictly obey the advice of Guruji. I feel that tensions and sorrows are completely eradicated through this course. Now I am very peaceful.’

Kamal Kishore S/o Harbhajan, Jail No. 1
‘If we do good to others, we shall get good results and if we do bad to others, we will receive bad things.’

Sunil S/o Ram Ratna, 
Jail No. 1
‘Vipassana is an art as to how to control anger and proceed towards a peaceful life.’

Prince Vohra S/o O.P. Vohra
Jail No. 4
‘I find no words to express my feelings. I feel so light like I am flying in the sky. Specially I am thankful to the organizers of Vipassana course.’

Salman S/o Ali Husain
Jail No. 1
‘Previously , I was a bad person as I have given a lot of pain to others. But, this time I feel that everybody should help others and not hurt others’ feelings.’

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